CHANGED stories of life


I've been raised in a Christian family. But felt like an outsider almost all my life. It was either my skincolor, hair, background or believes that made me different from the rest.

When I was in highschool I tried to become one of the cool kids. I thought it worked out, went to parties, had attention from boys, had loads of friends. But there was this anxiety that increased daily, I felt hopeless and homeless.

I knew God still loved me. So I opened my heart again, little by little.
When I was in conversation with a stranger, about God and the gospel, the Holy Spirit came over me, and it felt as if there was something flooding through my veigns.  I surrendered my life to God.

From that moment on Gods presence never left me, I felt an overflow of love and had to express it in a form that was new for me then: Writing songs.  Ive never stopped writing about the highs and lows while serving this amazing God.


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