CHANGED stories of life


My father died when I was 10 years old. From that time on I started to speak with my ‘Boss’, Jesus. 

As I grew older, I gave myself to martial arts and partying. During daytime I had to work, but in the evening I trained or fought at the fight club. At that time I hung out a lot with friends at a place in front of a church. These friends were no Christians and I would say I was not a Christian either. One time we hung out there, when an old VW bus stopped and a guy stepped out in self-made pants made from an old potato sack. I knew him slightly. While talking, he invited me to come to a service of Jesus Freaks. I just laughed and walked away, but that evening when I was at home I started to think. Two weeks later I attended the service of Jesus Freaks in Ansbach. Much has changed since then. In 2005 I attended my first Freakstock and got many new friends through whom I got to know my ‘Boss’, Jesus. I became more relaxed and acted more out of love. 

I work as a doorkeeper at different clubs where I am also faced with dangerous situations. Through my experience, my martial arts and the rest God gives me, I can usually solve situations without any bloodshed. I’m very grateful for this, yet sometimes the only solution is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. 

I thank the ‘Boss’ especially that I have a super woman, a healthy son, great friends and a super family. Without God my life would be different. I would still fight, drink much, have women, never come to rest and walk in sin. With the ‘Boss’ at my side life hasn’t become easier but surely much more understandable. 

Thanks for the Freaks, hardcore and motorcycles.


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