CHANGED stories of life


I grew up in a really big evangelical church. I felt it was like some kind of Christianghetto- event-lifestyle instead of the radical life of discipleship that Jesus encourages us to live.

I went to visit the Communauté de Taizé a couple of times. The way the Brothers there live, pray and share really inspired me and made me see that there are more ways of following Christ than the boring Sunday-service Christianity I grew up in. Books, poems, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s writings and people like Ruth Pfau, who spent her life fighting leprosy in Pakistan, gave me a hint of how I want to live and who I want to be. I hope I'm on that way with Christ ahead of me.

“Not by liking, 
but to do what is right and dare, 
not by possible psycho, 
bravely achieve reality, 
not by escape of thinking, 
only by deeds is freedom. 
Step out of fearful hesitation 
into the storm of events, 
only by Godly command 
carried by your faith, 
and freedom becomes your spirit 
jubilantly embraced.”

(Dietrich Bonhoëffer)


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