CHANGED stories of life


At some point in my life I wondered if it is still possible to experience all the fascinating stories in the book of Acts (Bible). I started to pray very specifically for that and I recognized that my attitude and adjustment towards people changed.

Within me the perception about the needs of people and the topics they were interested in, grew. I also prayed for a lot of sick people. Many of them were healed right away, some of them in the course of time. Just to engage with someone in his or her sickness, and caring, is helpful and it represents the light of heaven in the life of this person.

Another thing that was stunning to me was a service I have been asked to hold in a prison and to talk about Jesus there. I think the biggest wonder and change in my life, besides that God loves me and that He called me to be His child, was that God gave me the love for other people, even to the extent of choosing my profession according to this love. It’s just amazing!

Thank you Jesus for everything.
You are the best!
No one is like You!


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