CHANGED stories of life


I’ll tell you my really true face to face encounter with THEM. I love THEM.

One day, early in the morning, I was lying in my bed and saw - with closed eyes - a light and a clouded heaven. I was totally amazed because in this nice warm situation, suddenly and slowly appeared our GOD-FATHER. HE stood in front of me and laid His left hand on my right shoulder. It was very powerful and He looked into my eyes. His words to me changed my life; He called me by my name!!!

“Eckhardt, you mustn´t have FEAR – just TRUST only”. The remainder of that day I was paralyzed and checking out of it. At work, private life, everywhere. Yeah, it is TRUE...

The next morning, 24 hours later, I got exactly the same picture. I lay in my bed and saw - with closed eyes - the light and the clouded heaven. Again I was totally amazed. Far away appeared a person who came nearer and nearer, without seeing any visible steps in HIS ‘walk’. In the movement HE opened HIS arms and showed me HIS hands. I was paralyzed and my thoughts were just: “Hey man, stop it!!! I know who YOU are... I know YOU!! YOU are JESUS!!!! Stop it, hey... it´s okay... I´m not Thomas... hey.”

The same way HE showed Himself to me, He also disappeared in drifting from my side slowly and smoothly into the lighted heaven - like HIS Father. Our all GOD-FATHER.

I didn’t understand HIS message to me. I often thought about it and at length, but I came up with nothing. About 10 years later, while listening to the pastor in the Calvary Chapel Heidelberg, I received the solution. GOD spoke to me through the man in the front. His name was Chris. GOD sent HIS Son in that light-filled morning, especially to me. HE is by my side. HE surely will lead me through my whole life, all days long. Isn’t that fantastic? JESUS by my side.

“I wish you JESUS by your side too. Follow JESUS. G(o)od time.”


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