CHANGED stories of life


I grew up in more or less difficult circumstances, and got only a meager share of love, respect and recognition in my path of life, along with emotional and physical violence. My parents probably tried to give me more good than they themselves had ever received.

The deficiency, however, partially inhibited me in my emotional and mental development. Call it grace, fate or whatever, anyway, I got people, literature or situations that gradually comforted me and a sense of fulfillment. What remained was an incredibly deep hatred towards my parents who had hurt me so deeply. When, at a certain point in my life, I began to ask myself who or what this love of God’s Being is, and how it should fill the world as testified for thousands of years by people, I wanted to experience that in my life too. I didn’t have the right to receive love and comfort without sharing it with those who are so near to me. With this in mind, I tried to understand what it means to ‘love your neighbor.’

I discovered step by step that I was loved and how lovable and valuable I was. I was able, through God’s incredible grace, to pass this on to my parents. It took many years, but now I can say with great conviction — what I have previously not thought and felt — that I now love my parents and my family above everything else. I had never thought that is possible with God, that He gives peace where once cold hatred prevailed.

Since then I have been able to grow in faith, hope and love, and gradually and actively shape my life, and experience peace.


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