CHANGED stories of life


Hi, my name is Esther and I’m 20 years old. A year ago (march 2015) my life has radically changed. Let me first tell you a bit about my life: I was raised in a Christian household. I had a pretty good foundation of the Word and already was Holy Spirit filled at a very young age. When I got older my faith kinda faded away and I had no relationship with Jesus. I actually pushed Him away, at least I tried…

During my senior year on high school - which was last year - I started thinking about my next step. My vision was to travel, help out people and make good videos about what’s going on in this world. Sounded like a good plan, right? While figuring everything out, I really had the feeling something was wrong and I just couldn’t go - I got stuck and frustrated, because this plan was amazing! But why did I feel like this was just not the right thing to do? After a while I felt like I had to pray, which was really weird because this was totally against my nature - I didn’t go to church, read the bible or even pray at all. Anyways, I simply prayed, “God, what do You want me to do? ” A couple months later, like every normal evening I was just in my room on my laptop and I ended up watching a testimony of a girl that was going through the same thing I was going through. After watching the whole video, the Presence of God was already in my room and basically, God spoke to me through that video. I felt Him saying to me, “ Esther, I don’t want you to travel or make videos. I don’t want you to do anything else than to know Me first. Learn how My voice sounds like and get to know Me.”

That night, I suddenly had the conviction of sin and said, “Okay God, if this is what You want me to do than here is my life. ” From that moment on my life has changed completely! I suddenly had the desire to read the bible and I began to understand that my vision/plan/dream meant nothing without Jesus being in the center of it all. Half year later, I moved to Amsterdam and did a Discipleship Training School, where I got to know God and to make Him known. The most funniest thing is, I still got to travel around the world and I made some cool videos about it. Only this time with a different purpose - to show Jesus’ love for this world. I learned that no matter how hard I try to push God away, it just won’t work. He is still going after me and He always will be. He will never stop pursuing me.


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