CHANGED stories of life


Look around! What do you see? I see people who are sad and whose lives are a mess. I see a world pressing on, a world of chaos. I see people who laugh, who dance and who fight. For which purpose?

Every life knows good times and bad times, including mine. Yet I realize that most of these lives are empty. Behind all that cool stuff or sad things are questions, insecurities and fears. People around me are searching for personal answers. They imitate other personalities to emphasize their own individuality towards others, but it’s a poor effort to be someone else. I’m still in that phase. I still ask myself questions and have fears in my heart.

The only thing that secures joy in my life is HOPE. Not just ANY hope. What is hope without something behind it? My hope is Jesus. When I have a question, He answers. When I’m full of fear, I remember who fights for me. When I don’t know who I am anymore and I want to be someone else, I start to see myself in the light of how God created me. When I start to see others, I start to see everything in a different light. With my friend Jesus I change the world and fight injustice! I overcome my blindness and feel free to live, like I never did before! “You should meet this guy!”


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