CHANGED stories of life


When I was a teenager I was involved in Satanism and occult things and also in drugs and alcohol. I got psychotic schizophrenia when I was seventeen.

I was many, many times in a psychiatric clinic. Often I was not able to stay at home. When I was eighteen years old, while visiting my family in Costa Rica, I got a psychosis attack and had to go there to the hospital. When I was there, there was a guy who was really strange to me and always shining though he didn’t seem to be really sick. He was always writing in his book or something. Then one night in the psychiatric clinic I went to this guy and ask-ed him for a cigarette. I ticked him on his shoulder. When he turned around to me, He shone into my face and reached out his hands to my face and said: “All your sins are forgiven.” That moment I fell to the floor and cried like a baby. The people from the hospital came and asked what was going on with me. Then this guy said: “Nothing, it’s OK, let him cry, everything is OK”. Then I started to search for Jesus. This guy told me about Jesus and what He did for me on the cross. When I was able to leave the hospital, I met this guy outside. When my mother came to Costa Rica to help me come back to Germany, this guy disappeared from one day to the next. I never heard or saw anything from him. Then my grandmother said it was an angel in the hospital, come to save me. I think if I had never met him, I would be dead now. Many times I hated myself and cut myself because of my satanic identity. I really was selfdestruc-tive, but God took me out of this. He said: “I am your Father, I forgive you and I want to know you and you to know I am there.” I was never a believer before because I wanted to be a warrior of Satan, and then at the clinic Jesus said: “Stop, I want you to be a warrior of Me”. So I started to search for Jesus for two years, after I met the Holy Ghost. I am very, very happy, He changed me. I love to laugh, and I don’t cut myself anymore. I don’t use drugs or drink or smoke any-more. Now I can say I love Jesus. I live for something, I live for Him, because He died for me on the cross.


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