CHANGED stories of life


I was raised by my mother, to believe in God. I always honestly believed there is a God. When I was a child I knew all the stories in the Old and New Testament, but that was all. I just heard about God and heard you have to believe in Jesus to go to heaven, and that God loves everybody. Aha.

When I was 13 years old I believed I was not pretty and I didn’t have any awesome talents like so many other girls, young women and even old women have. The biggest longing of females is to be loved, to be desired and to be esteemed. It’s in their nature. And the only thing that is able to fill this bottomless hole is God’s Love. When I was 13 years old, the oldest sister of my best friend and her best friend told me what is really written in the Bible, besides all those awesome stories. They showed me who God really is and what God thinks about ME. God created us to be His children. The reason why we are living, to be chosen by Him, is to be loved by Him! God is only good and God is Love (yeah it’s written in the Holy Word)! That is also the reason why God is three! Love just can be in a relationship! He longs for us and would do everything to win our hearts. It’s written that we are created good! God didn’t make mistakes with and in us. The way you are, you are perfect. God gave us our desires and wishes in our hearts when He created us. He rejoices when we do what we like! So, no longer question your talents to paint, to act, to make pretty cookies or puppets. The things you like are not stupid! 

The Bible is full of marks of God’s love for us. You just have to focus on that while reading and searching this book. An example is Psalm 139. But that was not enough. It’s not enough to hear about it! I had to encounter the living God by myself! God speaks. 

One day, I was in a service and while worshipping, I heard a voice saying to me: “I am so proud of you.” Initially it just appeared to be a thought in my head, so I ignored it, but nevertheless wondered why I was thinking something like this. A few minutes later a friend came to me from the other side of the big hall. She said to me that she had to say that Daddy God is proud of me. I was pretty sure this girl was not able to read my mind, so I was sure it was the voice of God whispering to me. 

God thinks only good things about us, for He is just good! When we think bad things about ourselves, about mistakes we made, that we have too fat legs, an ugly nose or are not good enough, all these are LIES! Lies we accept or lies the devil whispers to us, because the aim of the devil is to separate us from God. 

And so, each day I reach out to hear God’s voice, and fill me with His endless love for me. I love to listen to God’s voice, what He thinks about people and friends around me and to encourage Him to tell them how God sees them. I love it when one of my friends comes to me and does the same. 

You are changed after an encounter with God’s love. Love casts out fear, sickness, lies and hurts. Love sets you free!


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