CHANGED stories of life


My name is Vitaliy, meaning ‘Alive’ or rather ‘Life-giver’. I hope that what I'm going to tell you now gives you life and lights a spark in you. My spark was ignited about 7 years ago.

I was about 16 and I decided to accept Jesus as my Lord and friend. Since then my life has taken several turns and I had to make many good and bad decisions, sometimes with and unfortunately often without involving Jesus. But no matter how deep I sank, I could not imagine a life without God, because I never in my life met Love which was greater than His. I've never seen a more passionate Lover as God Himself.

I would like to tell you something that happened to me a few days ago. I visited friends, they inaugurated their new community areas and there I met a young man (ok, he was older than I, but that's not important). So only this man was there, and for whatsoever reason, I started to talk with him (I don't believe in coincidences; God is good, and each of his children is more worthy to Him than the greatest treasures of this world). The young man told me about his life, and how he stopped reaching out to God. Well, had this been so, and his heart had been empty, then he would not have told me. After an honest conversation, I asked if I should pray for him and while I did that, God gave me a vision for him. God is alive and talking. You can hear God or He shows images you can see in your mind, to express what he thinks about a certain person. But you should check each image and use the Bible text to do so if possible.

I saw a planet, larger than the Earth, wrapped in multi-coloured gas clouds in dark green and grey clouds of gas, so no light, no life is able to pass. The Sun came and the clouds had to disappear for the light. The light brings life, God is life, and drives out darkness. Abba God then explained to me that image: “I look at you not as marginal, not small and forgotten. I am the universe and you're not a moon or satellite, you are a big chunk in the universe, at least a Jupiter. Reach out to Me, to My Love and My light and it will illuminate you and people in your environment will detect it and also be changed. My light will drive out the darkness around you and lead you back to My ways so you can be light in this world too.”

I would like to encourage you to give God your heart, to accept His love, and to be a part of the Royal family. You will become Princes and Princesses, if you have Jesus as Lord, because Papa God adopted you, and you will become the King's children. A change comes when we become aware of who we are. We are as God sees us. Ask God very directly what he thinks of you, and listen carefully. When such unfamiliar thoughts in your head and heart arise like: I'm proud of you, I like your beautiful face and won't stop looking at it, I love to watch you when you live out your talent (e.g. cooking, making music, repairing cars). If it all sounds too good, then, be sure it is coming from God. God is good and he is Love. He never thinks badly about us, He never points out our mistakes, but calls us by our name. We might hear we are, for example, a failure, useless, bad, ugly, or without talents; this does not come from God. Either we think this ourselves, or someone else is also there, namely God's enemy the devil, who is whis-pering to us. Because all he wants is to separate us from God.

Man is created to be loved, and therefore his greatest desire is to obtain infinite love. We find this love in our Papa, who always wants to give this anew to us, and we may also ask Him this every day. Let us ask Him how he sees us and then share with him our wishes and needs. He is King and gives everything to us, if we are his children. I bless you in Jesus' Name.


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