CHANGED stories of life


To me being a christian was always something religious, traditional and distant. Until one of my brothers took me to this christian youth event. At that event I could feel and see the power of the Holy Spirit. I saw it was touching people around me. I had never seen that before. By looking at these people's committed faces, I chose to believe that God must be so much more than I knew.

For years I had to use this heavy medicine to calm my behaviors. It always made me feel tamed, slow and not too exciting about stuff. It made me want to disappear when there were a lot of people around me or when there was too much going on. Also I never really felt like I had any kind of value because I made so many mistakes and lied all the time because I didn’t want to get caught. I was struggling to be me.

There was a moment where my mum read the instructions of the medicine I was using and told me about the effects that it has on people. When she was reading it I started crying and felt like I never have been myself before. At that moment God showed me His love for me. He gave me the realization that He created that moment for me. I began a journey with Him, starting to accept a new me. Starting to discover who I was and wanted to be by looking at who He was. Learning to see that I have a voice to stand up for myself. Because of Jesus who lives in me I am worthy and fully loved. I no longer let fear rule over my thoughts and emotions.

I want to be like Jesus. Everything He did for me was a sacrifice. He made a choice to die for my mistakes and my sinful nature. I believe that Jesus made a way for me to reconnect to my Father who designed me a long time ago. Still I am on that journey, discovering that all this life that I am living is also about sacrificing myself to God. That means that I can be an imitator of Christ and let Him live in me and not the lies and emotions that come up here and there. 

Years of practice taught me to do everything by myself, not realizing that I was living out of anger and fear instead of Life and Truth. Now I can choose daily to be like Jesus and let Love rule in my thoughts. That is a journey for me worth living my life. I believe that I am made for a purpose, to love people and first of all to love God. Loving God sounds easy maybe. But it takes discipline, faith and courage to believe in a Father who loves me so much more than any earthly being. Faith is what I’m fighting my battles for. His love will make me whole. Because God is Love, that is who He is.


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